Rigsave Capital Ltd is the representation of an international financial vision, disclosed with transparency, professionalism and passion with the aim of making available services to most people, usually reserved for a privileged few. The company aims to offer highly evolved and customized "asset management" services, with a focus on the structuring of "tailored" financial products based on the needs of both retail and professional customers.

Funds Management

In order to deliver financial products straight from the producer to the consumer and reduce costs for their clients, Rigsave Capital launched the multi-departmental SICAV “RIGSAVE SICAV S.A.”, to create different UCITS funds with classes of shares reserved to both retail and institutional investors.

portfolio management

Rigsave Capital Ltd puts its professionalism and expertise at the disposal of all existing and/or types of potential new customers for an efficient and correct management of a securities portfolio, taking into account the needs and requirements of each risk/return different profile.


Luxembourg, Malta, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, France

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