About us


Established in 2019, Rigsave Capital Ltd is an independent asset management company, licensed category 2 by Malta Financial Services Authority (‘MFSA’), which regulates Maltese financial markets and intermediaries.
Rigsave Capital Ltd embodies an international financial perspective and shares it by means of transparency, professionalism and passion, aiming to popularize those services that were once attainable by few, privileged people.Our company provides highly complex and customised asset management services, focussing on the structuring of financial products that are tailored to the needs of private and professional clients.
All activities are authorized and regulated by the authorities supervising financial intermediaries of the Member States of the European Union in which the Company operates. The Company's main goal is to be the best possible partner for both novice and expert investors dealing with a professional manager.
Rigsave Capital Ltd is keen to design and provide high quality financial services, while focussing on meeting investors’ needs.

from the producer to the consumer


Provide any type of client with the best possible investment product and service to preserve, grow and enhance the assets of our investors. Transparency at all stages of the process, to reward the confidence you placed in us. Be receptive to our investors’ needs and stand out as a reference for the investment of family savings, just like the family doctor is a reference for your health. This is why you can count on us today and for the years to come!


Rigsave Capital Ltd is the guide providing answers for an untroubled future. It bravely and boldly goes, to open the way and your eyes onto clear and neat horizons. Highly equipped for any situation, it has the confidence of a Company with a number of adventures and experiences to tell and share.



Rigsave Capital Ltd is authorized by Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) to have their headquarters located in:

• Malta

and to exercise the free provision of services in the following Countries:

• Luxembourg

• Italy

• Germany

• Spain

• Portugal

• Netherlands

• France

The Company was registered and notified to the authorities supervising financial intermediaries of said States.


Being an authorized and supervised company, Rigsave Capital Ltd makes its procedures publicly available, to guarantee the wide range of users the due transparency.