Structuring and issuing structured products

Rigsave Capital Ltd holds consolidated partnerships with major issuing vehicles and is able to structure, issue and list financial products with different “pay outs” and risk/return levels, including:

  •  products with full or partial capital protection

  •  products to optimize returns

  •  profit-sharing products

  •  products that employ the financial leverage

Fund and Securitisation Platform

Besides managing their own funds, Rigsave Capital Ltd has the know-how needed to provide the structuring of UCITS and AIF investment funds and financial products, such as green bonds, structured bonds, issuing programs, notes and much more. This service is meant for institutional and professional operators authorized by an authority supervising financial intermediaries officially acknowledged internationally and in Europe.

Rigsave Capital Ltd supports the client at all stages of the structuring of their fund and/or financial product, suggesting collaborations and partnerships needed with law firms, central administrators, custodian banks.

If you are interested, you can write to including in the object your request for information on fund platform services.