Discretionary portfolio management for private and professional clients

Rigsave Capital Ltd offers its expertise and competence to all clients and/or potential clients for an effective and proper management of securities portfolios, by keeping into account the needs of any risk/return profile.

Rigsave Capital

The operations performed by Rigsave Capital Ltd for their clients include several steps:

  •  checking up the existing portfolio (if any)

  •  client onboarding

  •  signing the management agreement

  •  design of client's portfolio

  •  reporting


  • the alignment of interests with the client
  • the team of international experts
  • the neat separation between the investors’ assets and the corporate one; Rigsave NEVER holds securities or money on behalf of the clients
  • the support of IT developers to create management tools and accessories
  • the discretionary investment management process divided into three checks (fundamental, technical, quantitative)
  • the use of the best available analysis and data feeds tools and instruments
  • the use of the best supporting technologies and software


Rigsave Capital Ltd stands out for its clarity and transparency towards clients, by providing and making publicly available the costs of the management service.

Management fee

MASSE Conservative Flexible Dynamic
< 200k 1,05 % 1,55 % 1,80 %
200k > x > 500k 0,95 % 1,45 % 1,70 %
500k > x > 1.5M 0,85 % 1,35 % 1,60 %
> 1.5M 0,75 % 1,25 % 1,50 %

Performance fee

Rigsave Capital Ltd applies a 20% performance fee calculated using the High Water Mark method without reset and net of management fees.

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